You talked, we listened

You talked, we listened


Online service user testing

In December 2019, a group of customers volunteered to help us test a number of upgrades to the repairs functionality on My SaxonWeald and My WealdLiving. This feedback was really insightful and led to sytems improvements such as:


  • making it clearer which jobs you as a tenant are responsible for before you go through the system and try to book a repair
  • making it easier to change or cancel a repair you have already booked
  • improving the search function and make sure it accounts for misspelt words
  • making it easier to book repairs to outside areas


Complaints handling

Following the results of the 'Your voice counts' survey, we've started a review of our complaints procedure. A survey was recently sent out asking how you rate our current complaints policy. Find out more in the complaints and compliments section.


Keeping you informed


Cyclical works

We always aim to keep you informed prior to any works being carried out at your property or scheme. However, it's been fed back to us that we've occasionally shown up to complete works unexpectedly.


To address this, we've provided our HomeFix operatives with notification cards. This is to ensure that you're kept informed in the event that we need to carry out work at short notice.


Grounds maintenance

Following customer feedback from the section 20 grounds maintenance consultation, we ensured the contract specification was altered to include:


  • more resident engagement
  • joint audits of sites to ensure the contractor's performance is at a consistent standard
  • cleaning down of patios and drainage of leaves
  • collection of residents' garden waste at retirement schemes and in communal gardens


Scheme maintenance

We occasionally carry out decorative works in shared areas of schemes such as communal lounges. When the time comes for a scheme to have work done, a coffee morning is usually arranged to discuss any proposed works and listen to any concerns.


Residents have previously been encouraged to get involved and have a say in things such as colour schemes. Following feedback, we are also looking to trial a 'little and often' approach. This means that instead of decorating the whole scheme in one go, we'll focus on different smaller areas every couple of years.