• Can I decorate my flat?
  • You must not carry out any DIY, including decorating, without our consent. If we agree to any work, it is likely that we would insist that the property was returned to its original condition at the end of your tenancy. You don't need our permission to hang pictures on the walls.

  • Can I keep my bike or pushchair in the communal hallway?
  • No. Fire safety regulations mean that you are not permitted to keep any items in communal areas, except a door mat. This means no plants, bikes, pushchairs or shoe racks.

  • Weald Living is part of Saxon Weald - does this mean we can move into another Saxon Weald property or pay lower rent?
  • No, Weald Living private rental properties are completely separate from our Saxon Weald homes. Rents are set differently and you would have to qualify for the council's housing list if you wished to move to a Saxon Weald home.

  • Is my home insured?
  • We insure the building you live in, but you must arrange your own household contents insurance.

  • Can I run a business from home?
  • We don't normally object to work such as childminding or administrative work, but we would not allow things that may cause a nuisance to your neighbours, such as car repairs.

  • Can I keep a pet?
  • No, we do not allow pets in our Weald Living properties.

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