Extra care FAQs

Extra care FAQs


Must a potential buyer have care needs in order to live in an Extra Care property?

No, although many residents do have care requirements. Extra Care properties are a good future proofing option.


Are there eligibility criteria for Extra Care?

Yes, the rules and eligibility for Shared Equity are governed by Homes England. The eligibility criteria for our Extra Care schemes can be found here.


Are pets allowed? 

Yes, subject to authorisation which can be obtained by completing and submitting the pet form that will be sent with the formal offer letter.  


What meals are served in the restaurant?

Lunch is served daily, there is no dinner or breakfast service.


Does the restaurant open every day of the year?



Can family and friends be invited to the restaurant?



How much are the service charges?

Please contact [email protected] to obtain a service charge breakdown for the specific property or properties you are interested in. 


Are water and heating for the apartment included in the service charge?

Yes. Please contact us for a full breakdown for the scheme you are interested in.


In addition to the service charges, what will the leaseholder have to pay for and arrange?

Electricity, Council tax, phone line and broadband, TV licence, care received from the onsite provider (the local authority may contribute towards these costs).


Are service charges due if the property is vacant?

Yes, service charges remain due whilst the property is in your ownership, even if you no longer live there. Once the property is sold, the new leaseholder will be responsible for the service charges. 


Who is responsible for maintaining what?

The general rule is that you will be responsible for all repairs inside your apartment. For further information you may find the Extra Care Leaseholders handbook a useful read. 


What care and support arrangements are available? 

The on-site care team can offer personal care such as support with washing, dressing, medication and eating, and/or domestic care, such as cleaning, cooking, washing clothes etc. There are upper limits to what can be offered which will be explained at the scheme assessment.


The care team are onsite 24/7 to deliver planned care calls for residents and to respond to emergencies. The care team will also support residents with activities and events.


How are care and support arrangements made?

Leaseholders can enquire directly with the on-site care provider regarding what care they would like to receive and how much this will cost.


It is also possible to request an assessment with the local adult social care team.


How long can a resident stay if their health deteriorates?

There are upper limits to the amount of care and support that can be provided in an Extra Care development and very occasionally alternative accommodation may have to be arranged for a resident. This decision would be made by health and social care professionals in conjunction with the family or an advocate acting for the resident.


How much do Extra Care properties cost?

Take a look at the Extra Care property listings to see the current properties for sale and how much they cost.


If you have any further questions regarding Extra Care, please email [email protected].